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Katelyn's Shrunken Town of Pleasure

Katelyn arrives home from a hard day at work and falls onto the bed, wanting and needing to get one off thinking about all of the hot men she has seen at work. However, when she gets up to get the lube she discovers a shrunken town on the rug down by her bed. And that is where the fun begins!

Katelyn's not one to be shy with her sexuality and she doesn't let the little town stop her from what she was about to get down with. She tells the town a little about herself and where she works- she works at a porn shop. But also, she has a very large grudge towards old people because of her job. She tells the town about how old men come into the store she works at and they just look around for HOURS. They take way too long and they go through every dvd, magazine, and toy they have.

This leads Katelyn to hunt down the old couple in the shrunken town and cleanse the town of them by using them for her own careless pleasure. She finds the old couple, traps the woman in her nylons and the man in her panties as she masturbates with them and demolishes their house under her boots. Obviously they wont be needing the house any longer, and plus Katelyn doesn't like how it makes the town look, anyway.

Katelyn talks raunchy, moans, and uses them for her pleasure. After she's pleased she realizes the woman is still alive and trapped in her nylons. She leaves her there while she thinks of what in the world she's going to do with this mini town in her bedroom.

While cumming, Katelyn believes she came earlier than usual because of the power-trip she got while crushing the old couples life-long saved up for home and possessions. Because of this, she decides to keep the town around for her sexual enjoyment. She deems them all her sex toys and herself as their Goddess. After all, she's the one who will be taking care of them, feeding them, and keeping them alive. She promises a happy, gentle, enjoyable life to them all but threatens them all not to tempt her. They all saw what happened to the old couple. Well, the old man anyway.

She then takes off her boots to go get a bath and get changed into her pajamas... almost walking away forgetting about the old lady in her nylons. She comes back, takes the lady out, and tells the old lady nothing of what she said to the rest of the town applies to her. If the lady screws up even ONCE, she's done for. Katelyn drops the old woman into the town and walks away to wind down for the night.

Included with your purchase is a photo set taken within the town.
There are 148 photos, 1600x1200 in size, two different outfits. The photos are not "scenario themed", they are simply hot photos of me playing with the town. Photos include town play with: Mouth, Hands, Boots, Face Shots, Panty shots (with nylons), and more.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
17:06 minutes
720x480 WMV
miniature houses, nylons, shrunken men, shrunken women, dildo, handheld, boots, crush, stripper, panties

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