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It's a Trap!

Paul is my college boyfriend who breaks up with me on the phone, deeming me too clingy for his taste. I'm boiling inside, but I only complain a little as thoughts of how to quietly exact my revenge swarm my mind. I make it sound however like it's no big deal - in fact - I want him to come over and fuck me one last time. Of course like any guy he agrees! Idiot.

So Paul comes over and when he arrives I'm all dressed up and looking sultry for him. Since it's our last time I figure I might as well make it something he can remember for the rest life... I give him a little bit of spiked alcohol and I tell him to sit down. I give him a dance, swirling my ass around, I show off my body to him and really really get in to it. His pathetic little mind can't repel boobies of this magnitude!

And of course... It's a trap! I tell him to look down at himself because the "drink" I poured him seems to have had a little side effect. My worthless ex-boyfriend now sits in front of me as a tiny, terrified shrunken man!!

I smile, happy to reveal to him that I'm bi and I have two girlfriends coming over to screw me- and now he's in the middle of it. I get out the dildo we'll be using and I show it to him... and I start questioning where I want to glue and trap his tiny little new body and where he'll feel the best to all of us. On top of that, I'm going to keep him a secret from the girls. He's going to be my tiny little secret, even during our hot threesome... or should I say foursome? *evilgrin*

I then trap him under a container, threatening him that if he becomes a pain in the ass I'll reveal him to the girls for them to do whatever they want with. I could get super evil on his ass in a matter of seconds so he best behave. I head out to get the drinks and snacks to get ready for the girls - leaving him helpless and trapped within my room.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:27 minutes
720x480 WMV
shrunken man, dance, ass, dildo, lesbian, boobs, trapped, Katelyn Brooks

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