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Caught Again in Katelyn's Panty Drawer

Katelyn exits the bathroom with a towel around her after a marvelous shower. She's so clean now. She strips the towel off of her to find a pair of matching panties to her lingerie. However, she finds you -her friend- in her panty drawer again!

Ever since you got your hands on that new shrinking device you've been everywhere you shouldn't be, Katelyn explains. She warned you the first time but you disobeyed her wishes. She just thinks your an asshole and doesn't care how fragile your tiny life may be. You must be taught a lesson! She warns you, if you can transform yourself back to her size you'd better do it now.

Katelyn slips on a pair of panties and laughs at how you can't transform yourself back. She then brings you to her vanity to make you suffer your consequences. She first bitches at you and places you beneath her toe nails to clean them out. Afterwards she teases you about how large she is compared to you. Time for you to embrace your punishment right now.

Believe it or not... Katelyn had planned to use you as a shrunken dildo if she caught you in there again. She's not sexual with you at your normal size but gets a kick out of how tiny you are and how terrifying it will be for you at your tiny size. Since the outcome is in her favor she continues with your punishment.

She rubs you against the fabric of her panties, teasing you. She crushes you beneath her pussy into her soft chair and grinds her pussy on top of you. She then drops you inside her panties and has her way with you. Sadly, you don't make it through her climax and turn into a mess in her panty. Disgusted with the mess she made out of you she slips her panties off in disgust. Does she feel bad for killing a friend of hers in such a manner? Nope! You deserved it!

There are about 30 seconds of bloopers at the end of this video!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:37 minutes
1080x720 WMV
shrunken man, masturbation, soles, black panties, insertion


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    i love this video its one of my fav ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png

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