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The Inhabitants

Katelyn's parents fired the maid for the day, much to the maid's protest. It was the only way they could afford to pay the ridiculous amount their spoiled daughter, Katelyn, demanded in return for cleaning the house while they're gone - even though having her clean is supposed to be meant as a punishment! Katelyn has been grounded for nearly two weeks and it has been driving her crazy not receiving her normal spoiled treatment from her parents. She has even run out of clothes to wear as she only wears an outfit once! While pissed that she had to clean for once in her life, Katelyn reluctantly accepts the task as her parents promise to un-ground her afterwards and let her go on a huge shopping spree with the money she earns.

What Katelyn doesn't know is that the maid secretly takes care of "inhabitants" that co-exist peacefully in the house. The inhabitants are tiny people the size of bugs, if not smaller. Normally life is great for them as the maid feeds them and keeps them safe. But with the maid unexpectedly not working today... they quickly find themselves in a horrific situation involving a gigantic spoiled girl of unimaginable beauty!

Every so often Katelyn's Mom makes dessert for the Maid as a nice little thank you. Katelyn has always been jealous of this perk and today is no exception. After getting off the phone with her friend to start cleaning she gets angry and jealous after noticing that her Mom has once again prepared the maid a nice little desert.

Completely unknown to Katelyn, the inhabitants are blissfully swimming around in the maid's desert - as usual - as the maid happily lets them eat it. Within seconds the inhabitant's playing and laughing in the dessert turns to horror! With a lick of her giant lips, the towering Giantess grabs a spoon and digs into the populated mountain of food, looking forward to savoring and indulging in the maid's special treat!

There's no time to escape. The inhabitants swimming in the dessert are completely trapped in all of it's stickiness. Bite by bite Katelyn scoops more and more of the tiny people and chunks of their world into her hungry mouth where they are never seen again. Katelyn tastes and savors every bite - unaware of the terror taking place on her plate, in her mouth, and inside her stomach! Katelyn reasons that if she eats it all... maybe the maid will simply think her Mom forgot to make it... a clear win win.

Katelyn then swirls the plate of desert around to the other side of the table and sits down. She reads her moms favorite magazine while she continues to consume the delicious dessert and an entire town of people with it. Katelyn loves how it tastes and nearing the last few bites she abandons her interest in the magazine and indulges in licking every last drop off of the plate.

After consuming all of the desert along with every last inhabitant trapped in it, Katelyn pours herself a glass of milk thinking the inhabitants who are desperately climbing for their lives in her throat are actually chocolate chips! In the mean time more inhabitants have reached the table top, hoping to help save those trapped in the dessert- but they find only an empty plate before them and above them- Katelyn's ass! As Katelyn drinks the milk she casually climbs up onto the table and sits on it- what a spoiled bitch! Her bare ass lands on the rescue party crushing all of them against her soft warm skin. There the giant girl sits, slowly crushing a crowd of tiny people under her naked ass as she sips at her milk. Katelyn finishes gulping down the last drop of her milk, rubs her belly with pleasure and gets off the table to continue cleaning- with the crushed inhabitants stuck to her ass!

Katelyn's heads out of the kitchen but stops to debate whether she should just hire a maid herself to clean for her! Meanwhile at her feet another gruesome scene is taking place as her massive bare feet crush another group of inhabitants on the floor, completely unaware. Katelyn does not want to be grounded further- so she decides to continue cleaning. But she's tired of cleaning already... and she didn't even start yet!

Once in the living room Katelyn begins to clean. She wipes a table and in the process an entire community of the tiny people with it! In an instant they're wiped out under the cleaning cloth and Katelyn's sexy hands. Still... Katelyn notices not the lives and people she's destroying below her. To her... they just look like specs of dust!

It isn't until she cleans the table legs and finds her lost chap stick- does she discover the race of fragile people!

For a moment Katelyn can only stare in shock. "The maid must know about you little things!" she exclaims and a smile creeps across her face- which quickly turns into a frown. "I don't appreciate you little bugs climbing all over our nice furniture and belongings! Bugs are bugs- and bugs get SQUASHED!" To the horror of the discovered people, the giant girl slowly begins to twist and crush them beneath her fingers one at a time. To Katelyn's great surprise... crushing the little people actually makes her horny! With each new crush beneath the soft pads of her fingers Katelyn moans in pleasure and tries desperately not to climax. Humping the floor behind her while finishing off the lives below her with the the simple push and twist of her fingers, trying not to cum is nearly impossible! Katelyn simply can't help her new found feelings and after seeing the incredibly and strangely erotic sight of a tiny girl's head exploding all over her finger she can't help but crave even MORE!

With the inhabits under the table taken care of, Katelyn and her drooling pussy go on a search for more. Katelyn wants nothing more than to exterminate every last one of them! Moaning, she finds two more and crushes them by picking up her high heel and pressing it on top of them with her hand. She laughs at their tiny size and how big her high heel is compared to them and with a burst of pleasure finishes them off by crushing them again!

Katelyn soon finds another inhabitant in the carpet and observes it closer. She realizes how closely it looks like a shrunken woman and asks if she can talk. She brings her to her ear. The inhabitant tells Katelyn to stop, that they're real people, and that's she's eaten and crushed far too many as is and it's all extremely terrifying. Katelyn laughs and tells her how good the maids desert was... especially the chocolate chips- which dawns on Katelyn that they must have been shrunken people! Katelyn asks the tiny inhabitant another question- how did she get all the way out into the living room if she witnessed Katelyn eating the maid's dessert? The inhabitant replies that she was stuck to Katelyn's ass when Katelyn sat on the table and that there are more on Katelyn's ass that need help! Laughing Katelyn reaches behind and smears the remaining stuck and half crushed shrunken people into her ass. Giggling and high from all the power, Katelyn tells the little woman how tasty they were in the desert- and then proceeds to eat her alive too!

This drives Katelyn over the edge. Katelyn is now beyond horny - and hungry- the taste of the tiny woman still fresh in her mouth. Finding five more on her couch, she savors them all, remarking how they keep sticking to her tongue like the inhabitants in the desert stuck to her throat. Katelyn even forces one of the male inhabitants to witness as she eats alive three others and taunts him for not being able to save them. After consuming him too, Katelyn lies down on the couch in bliss and talks about how tasty they all were. She laughs about how her girlfriend thinks she's spoiled now... just wait until she find out that Katelyn has an entire shrunken race of people giving their lives to server her body!! Katelyn rubs her belly and throat in pure ecstasy... and finds one last inhabitant on the couch who overheard her commanding rant.

Katelyn, as horny as ever and panties soaked, shoves the tiny inhabitant up her pussy and starts touching herself. Katelyn continues to talk about how there is now an entire town's worth of people digesting in her, what all they must be seeing and feeling, all while playing with the last inhabitant struggling in her pussy juices. In a few minutes of savoring and playing with her tiny prisoner in her pussy and imagining the other tiny people digesting her tummy, Katelyn reaches an extremely satisfying orgasm at the expense of an entire race of living beings! The little person inside of her pussy is never found again....

Worn out from all the fun Katelyn peacefully drifts off to sleep, hoping to find more when she awakes...

This video package is bundled with a free 4 Minutes and 28 Seconds Extra Footage and Bloopers clip!

Durations Combined: 37 Minutes and 16 Seconds
Package Size: 339 MB


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Producer: Katelyn Brooks
32:38 minutes
1280x720 WMV
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    This is the one Katelyn I was talking about that I cannot buy! It keeps saying card error. It might be due to that it does not have enough money on it.

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