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Jason's Birthday Surprise

Katelyn, a magician, was hired by Jason's friends to make his wildest fantasies come true for his birthday. She's at his surprise birthday party and did something very naughty - she shrank his friends! She placed them all in a birthday cup and started stripping down for his arrival. During her stripping, he arrives.

In shock she says hello and introduces herself. She tells him his friends hired her to entertain him and he goes along with it. She then shrinks Jason and shows him her cleavage - which is what his friends wanted him to have for his birthday. Before giving him his present from them she gives him a present of her own.

She places the birthday cup in front of him and proceeds to dump his friends out onto the carpet. Little to their knowledge they were shrunk for one reason - to use as Katelyn's disposal for entertainment. She briefly crushes a few and swallows the rest. After that, Jason gets her undivided attention.

She drops Jason between her cleavage, in both sides of her bra, and teases him like crazy with her boobs. She tells him he's now her boob slave and since it's his birthday she wants him to cum as many times as he can in her bra! After a bunch of boob play she slips back into her clothes, with him in her bra, to go home with him. She wasn't kidding when she told him he's now her boob slave!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:22 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken people, boobs, high heels, bare feet, vore, eaten alive, swallowed alive, tongue, lips, bra, panties, Katelyn Brooks

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