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In Katelyn's Possession Now

Giantess Katelyn has a few shrunken people, whom all she shrunk to a tiny little size for making a pathetic attempt to check her out and hit on her. Obviously she didn't take kindly to the their sad attempts to get her attention. Some even tried to get her number!

So it looks like they all got what they wanted (Katelyn) but not exactly how they'd imagined. Now since she's in private possession of these shrunken human pests she has a lot in mind for them all. She first takes care of the old man who couldn't take his eyes off her ass at the gas station. After his lecture she pronounces him as her permanent ass slave, slips him in her back pocket, and playfully slaps her ass.

Next she takes care of a young guy who complimented her on her car and tried to get her number afterwards. Since Katelyn thinks he's handsome she pleasurably tells him how much power she has over his life. After his lecture he's placed on her hard nipple and is told by the Giantess how his only purpose in life is to be her devoted sex toy. Giantess Katelyn vaguely explains what will happen if he doesn't obey her commands. She doesn't go into the details of misbehavior punishment because his job is to obey. He doesn't need to know the fine details- she has high hopes he'll behave without knowing the consequences of misbehavior.

Followed by her new sex slave she lectures a guy who hit on her at the mall (and tried to get her number) while at the same time savors his tiny little taste and shape inside her mouth. She cruelly asks him how many calories he thinks he is, moans while pushing him back her tongue further to the point of no return, and then shortly after her sexual vore torture she swallows him whole. Too bad he didn't offer to get to know her better over lunch or something- then maybe she wouldn't have swallowed him alive to fill her starving tummy. She even feels him grabbing onto the saliva strands in her throat in a sad attempt to save his tiny pathetic little life. Katelyn pushes her finger down her throat, forcing him to stay where he is and go down further to serve her hunger. Her belly rumbles loudly during the beginning of her body digesting him.

After all of this drama Katelyn still has one more shrunken person left to lecture and do her way with. However, she has a movie due back the following day so she places him in her night stand to deal with later. Lets just hope he stays exactly where she put him, as she commands... if not then who knows what's going to happen to his fragile little life.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:50 minutes
864x480 WMV
shrunken man, vore, throat, boobs, ass, mouth, handheld, jeans, pink nails, Katelyn Brooks

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