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Katelyn's Craft

Katelyn, the witch, met Billy at his community college during one of her magic craft shows. Katelyn and Billy really clicked. Katelyn thought Billy was really handsome and hated how there were bullies picking on him. Billy fell in love with Katelyn's beauty and craft. A few weeks after many email exchanges between the both of them Billy went over to Katelyn's to hang out just with her for the first time. And that's where this video begins.

Katelyn first tells Billy about how she got his revenge on the bullies during her craft show at his college. She explains how she turned one into a pig and had him for supper! She even still has his meats in her freezer and shares it with friends and family. She then tells him how she turned the other bully into a meal worm and swallowed him whole! After explaining the details of their deaths she asks him to come closer... she has a few fun ideas for them in mind.

She then explains how she's grown so close to Billy and wants to protect him like she does with all of her other loved ones. So, she really got enjoyment in taking his revenge! Next, Katelyn has a little fun experiment in mind for the both of them. Katelyn has only just recently started the craft of transformation and wants to turn Billy into a palm sized mouse!

Billy agrees to be transformed. He has a crush on her and finds her hands stunning... there's no way he can resist being held in her hands at mouse size! So, Katelyn chants her spell and Billy begins to very slowly transform.

Katelyn soothes Billy during the transformation process, assuring him that his human senses will all be in tact (but stronger!) and she tells him how the process will be painless. However, his rivals did not have the same luck. She transformed them when she was early in the learning process and didn't yet know how to ease the pain on transformation.

By the time Billy reaches Katelyn's waist his clothes begin to fall off of him, fur begins to grow, his ears become pointy and mouse like, his eyes become wider, he sprouts whiskers, and a tail! Katelyn compliments his handsomeness and tells him he's going to be one hell of a handsome mouse! She then strips his clothes off of him telling him not to worry about being naked because his bone structure has changed so much already that he looks very mouse like. You can even hear his squeaks!

As Billy slowly shrinks smaller and smaller Katelyn describes how well the transformation is going and continues to describe what's happening to him as she sees it. She gets super excited at the end of his transformation - another successful experiment and a fine specimen!

The first thing Billy does as a mouse is he climbs all over Katelyn's sexy black boots. He really loves them! Katelyn shows him all around them and lets him smell and crawl all over them. Then Katelyn slowly carries Billy the mouse up to her beautiful big face. She jokes about how she must look so big out of Billys little eyes! Especially since he's so tiny and her spell makes him see everything as a human would - perspectives changed and all!

Katelyn then remembers the bullies at work Billy was telling her about. She tells him if he just tells her where they live that she'll take care of them. Perhaps she'll turn one into a snail and pour salt on him - and the other a huge worm and chop him up with her biggest knife!! Katelyn then tells him her spell is active for 24 hours so they better go have fun together while it lasts. She then wraps her hands around him carefully to care him securely to the living room for some fun.

Mouse squeaking sound effects.

Mouse squeaking sound FX start when Billy is mid way through transformation (about down to Katelyn's waist) and are then mixed throughout the rest of the film.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:43 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrinking, mouse transformation fetish, TFF, handheld pov, hand fetish, boot fetish, black knee high boots, mouse squeaking sound effects, Katelyn Brooks

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