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Katelyn's Ass Worship Punishment

Giantess Katelyn's furiously pissed and won't be satisfied until she feels your nose drawing in the air at her ass. You, her ass slave, are in big trouble. You to breath in but it doesn't please her, she knows you're not trying hard enough. She begins cursing at you. You thought you had it bad as is but you've managed to piss her off even more by not worshiping her ass good enough. She punishes you by pulling down her jeans and making you to smell her bare thong ass, threatening to shove your nose up her asshole. Giantess Katelyn shoves her ass in your face making you to worship it and after a couple minutes asks if you've learned your lesson and goes into a lecture. From now on, you'll ask her before you do anything. Your life revolves around hers. You begin breathing harder, getting turned on from the worship, so she pulls back up her pants and starts bitching at you.

Giantess Katelyn told you that you must ask her before you do anything! Yes- that means if you want to cum to her you have to ask her for the privilege to do so. She allows it this time but next time she's not going to be so nice. She then shoves her jeaned ass back in your face for a few seconds before pulling them down again to plant her ass in your face. You thoroughly begin enjoying yourself with Katelyn's bare ass in your face and she begins commanding you to touch yourself harder! While your under her she degrades you even more. You're not worthy to fuck her ass so this is the closest you'll ever get. She threatens to sit on your face and smothering you if you get any cum on her ass, she doesn't care about your life. You're just her toy and your time with her is almost up. She wants you to make yourself all warm, gooey, and wet with cum. While moaning, she commands you -her ass slave- to stroke harder and worship her ass. She knows how much you're jealous of her thong- how it's closer than you'll ever get to her ass. You then make a dirty little naughty mess all over yourself!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
7:19 minutes
864x480 WMV
ass worship, thong, jeans, masturbation instruction, smother, smothering, Katelyn Brooks

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