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Katelyn Ass Crushes Her Guilt Away

You once had a very special power... the power to shrink or grow people. You never saw any use for it though so you gave it to your girlfriend Katelyn. She promised to never abuse it but the times have changed.

You awake shrunken and in front of Katelyn. Your demands of knowing why the heck she shrank you have gotten her to speak up. She tells you she hasn't been sexually pleased in your relationship therefore has been cheating and just can't deal with the pain any more...

She has to get rid of you to get rid of her pain. She thought a fun way to crush you would be under her ass. So, after she gives you a sexy little ass shaking show she takes your life away within a few seconds under the very hot ass you once had all to yourself which is now being fucked by someone else!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:02 minutes
1080x720 WMV
ass, upskirt, nylons, panties, pov, Katelyn Brooks

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