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Eddy Part 2

A continuance from "Eddy Part 1"... my little slave pet -Ed- disturbed my party, embarrassed me, and made me look like an idiot. In punishment I drenched him in spit (Part One). In this video you get to watch the continuance of his poor little torture. So, after his terrifying experience of almost drowning in my spit in Part One, I now finish his torture by shoving my beautiful foot in his warm spit drenched face. I know how he just hates my feet so he really deserves every second of this punishment! I torture him with my feet for about 2 minutes... then I decided that I probably tortured him enough for the night. I then give him some pleasure by putting his little body between my big boobs. He just loves my big boobs! I then told him to jump down below for a little bit... and do that thing I love... Mmm. =)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:09 minutes
720x480 WMV
doll sized, french nails, getting stepped on, trample fetish, pink skirt, lisp, Katelyn Brooks

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