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Burping GTS Fantasy

-Your POV
-Sexy new hairstyle
-Some growth talk (about how tall I'd like to grow)
-My fantasy
-Lots of talking about what I'd do in a city as a Burping Giantess
-Swaying of the hips and visual examples of how I'd look in the city during this fantasy
-Very awesome POV at the end of my jeaned crotch coming up and down, grinding, pretending I'm crushing an entire skyscraper, burping.

In this video I talk to you about a burping giantess fantasy of mine. In fact, I was in the mood for this fantasy exactly when I was recording so it was really easy for me talk about all of the details to you.

I explain how I'd love to grow to a few hundred feet and tell you what I'd do at that size. I'd enjoy burping the windows out of skyscrapers with the gust of my breath, I'd enjoy crushing a skyscraper with my pussy as I'm burping and listening to the terror, I'd want to pluck through the destruction to consume anyone who made it alive. TONS of fantasy explanation about this scenario as well as lots of burping and visual examples of me in a city.

By the end of the video I end up wanting to grow even taller to say, around 700 feet or so. I really really get into it!! I also take my shirt off and show you the air going in and out of my belly as I burp. I talk about how after consuming a few of the cities people I'd be able to burp even more because of the air I'd be consuming with them. Oh, imaging how that'd feel on their bodies inside of me!! Imaging the city rumbling as an effect of my burps!!

I'm explaining MY fantasy in this video so you get to hear what I'd want to do, feel, see, hear, and have fun with as a Burping Giantess. I had a lot of fun recording this!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:51 minutes
720x480 WMV
striptease, burping, belly, jeans, POV, Point of View, throat, ass, Katelyn Brooks

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