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Burping Wish

Giantess Katelyn opens a package containing a note and a shrunken guy, Robert. She reads the note out loud. It's a note which reads Roberts one ultimate wish before his death. His wish? To admire Katelyn's bare soles as she burps, and talks about what drinks make her burp the best.

Katelyn gets Robert out of the box, puts him under her feet, and grants his ultimate wish. With her feet in Roberts face she burps, talks about her favorite drinks and what makes her burp the most, and even tells him a burping story about an drunken experience she had with her friend Sara.

After many minutes Katelyn also shows Robert how her burps look up close to her mouth. Afterward, she places Robert back under her feet and to Katelyn's surprise he starts rubbing them! Immediately she tells Robert to save the rubbing, she's bringing him to Sara's house to serve the both of their bare soles while they burp!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:18 minutes
864x480 WMV
bare feet, shrunken pov, drinking, burping, mouth, throat, teeth, Katelyn Brooks

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