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Randall Gets Closer to Katelyn's Sexy Mouth

Giantess Katelyn speaks out from her heart to her newly shrunken sweetie Randall. Randall and Katelyn have talked online so much about their fantasies together and Katelyn's above heels to finally have him shrunken and in her hands after all this time. Katelyn loves how now she will have him every single day as her shrunken little day.

She's always wanted to shove his tiny little head in her breasts so that's the very first thing she does with him. Her cleavage is so soft, supple, warm, and some days Randall could even be Katelyn's boob sweat pet! He sticks out his tongue and licks her boobs, making her moan in her impressed pleasure.

Giantess Katelyn then talks about how today she wants to fulfill Randall's deepest fantasy, to look into her mouth and cum. Randall gets a deep view inside Katelyn's mouth as she holds him up to her lips and shows off her cavern. She breathes on his face, allowing her breath to kiss the skin of his face for the very first time. Katelyn then brings her lips down to Randall's crotch and seductively licks his parts. However, that's not she wants him to orgasm. She wants to save that for his biggest fantasy. After much more teasing she lays down with Randall and you get to see Katelyn's mouth from Randall's point of view as she sexily shows it off to him.

As you begin to become captivated by Katelyn's sexy mouth, lips, tongue, teeth, and all her beauty she asks you to come closer to the sexy mouth you love. So you do. You're so close you can feel every breath she takes. Katelyn talks about how clean and perfect her mouth is as she begins breathing harder and harder. Katelyn asks you to come even close, she wants to taste you.

You then see Katelyn French kissing Randall and moaning. They deep kiss for minutes on end. Randall's entire head repeatedly going into Katelyns sexy mouth, getting a deep view of all it's glory sends him completely over the edge in the most intense orgasm he's ever felt.

After their fun together Giantess Katelyn brings Randall up from her mouth and thanks him for everything he's done for her online. As far as the new one on one pleasure- Katelyn has a lot more where that came from especially since they're living together now!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:32 minutes
864x480 WMV
boobs, doll sized, mouth fetish, tongue, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Teo's Avatar
    Can you make a drool video (free) Bye
  2. Antonio S.'s Avatar
    Antonio S.
    I wish I were in Randall's place.

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