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Hot Fudge Anniversary

It's Randall and Katelyn's anniversary and Katelyn has a hot surprise for him! Half naked on top her kitchen island she rips his clothes off, pulls his pants off with her mouth, and tells him what's about to happen. She pulls a large spoon out of a heated hot fudge jar from behind him and drips a stream of the deliciousness up and down his naked body (and in her mouth too!).

After he's coated in gooey surprises for Katelyn to lick off she begins eating it and licking it off of him. She wraps her mouth around both of his legs and sucks them clean, the deep throats his entire arm, licks his crotch dry, and vigorously and sexily eats the fudge right off of his skin! She saves the best part for last. His head. Randall loves mouth shows and Katelyn knows it. After teasing the hell out of his entire body Katelyn coats his head in even more fudge and sucks his head clean! Afterward... Katelyn takes him off to his next surprise!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:29 minutes
864x480 WMV
doll sized, shrunken doll man, hot fudge, licking, mouth fetish, tongue, mouthcam, Katelyn Brooks

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