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A Cure for Katelyn's Tongue

The whole video is from your POV - you're Giantess Katelyn's doctor. Her tongue has not been able to stop moving around for the past few days. It even moves around when she's sleeping! It just won't stop moving, so she's come to you for help! You take a close observation of the inside of Katelyn's mouth and give her a piece of gum. Whatever medicine you put on the gum makes the Giantess's mouth really tingly, so as a reaction she moans and tries to enjoy it. She chews the gum for a few minutes with her mouth both open wide for you to see and closed and IT WORKS!! You cured her doc!! ^_^ You take one more observation without the gum and ask Katelyn to take some very deep breaths. Looking straight down her throat, she breathes really deep for you and you and she concludes that you've cured her. Thanks so much, you make a great doctor! ;) Lots of mouth shots and tongue movements. SEXY CLIP!


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Product Details:
7:57 minutes
720x480 WMV
mouth, tongue, mouthcam, POV, Point of View, vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive

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