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The Blueberry Trap

Chris, Giantess Katelyn's ex-boyfriend, comes over to her house after she tells him she's considering them getting back together. When he arrives at her door, she offers him some delicious, savory, homegrown blueberries that she just picked fresh from her garden. He eats one down and much to Katelyn's pleasure he begins to shrink! He looks up at the Giantess, cowering in fear, knowing all too well that his ex-girlfriend is about to end the relationship- for good! She places a single blueberry on the floor and crushes it under her massive bare sole to demonstrate how easily she could end his pathetic little life. But no, all this playing with Blueberries has made Giantess Katelyn extremely hungry and so she picks up her ex-boyfriend and informs him he's about to be eaten. She dangles him over her mouth, taunting him carelessly with her tongue. She gives him one last goodbye before opening wide and dropping him into her mouth. After he's down her throat, Katelyn describes how he feels sliding down, showing off her throat and stomach and cleaning the mashed blueberry off of her sole and floor. Are you ready little one to fall for The Blueberry Trap? Film is entirely from your POV.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
4:33 minutes
720x480 WMV
shrinking, hot girlfriend, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, bare feet, foot fetish, blueberry crush

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