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Kevin's Dinner Date

Kevin goes over to Katelyn's house, thinking he is going on a date. Lucky boy, she is absolutely stunning with sparkling eyes and gorgeous red lips outlined in black lip liner.

Unknown to him, Katelyn is part of a secret goddess Amazon race looking for a new food source- unsuspecting guys who like to hit on her. She is genetically pre-wired to crave the male species. She asks him to get a couple of drinks from the kitchen... following close behind her prey.

She quickly pulls out some Shuar male spice (used in rituals to shrink heads) and gives him a good dusting. Before Kevin knows what has happened he is on the floor and turned into a little male doll. Kevin soon realizes instead of going out to dinner, she is going to have him for dinner!

He is paralyzed as the reality begins to sink in. She is starving and begins to taunt and play with her new food - the roles have changed and unfortunately for Kevin her instincts are starting to take over. Katelyn's mouth begins to water as she licks her lips in hunger - teasing him.

Opening her mouth wide she holds him over the back of her throat and shows him the only way he is leaving- down Katelyn's throat to serve her beautiful goddesses body. Kevin is terrified of the pain and agony he will soon be going through as he is chewed and swallowed alive.

She holds him above her head and slowly lowers Kevin half way into her mouth before putting him back on the plate. After Katelyn's done telling him who she really is and what's going to happen to him she takes him to her tenderizing station and returns with her meal- Kevin, transformed into a piece of chicken.

Katelyn digs her nails into his little body showing him her powerful teeth before biting and swallowing him piece by piece down her throat where he will be absorbed. His sacrifice will serve Goddess Katelyn's body well and become part of her DNA.

Katelyn taunts Kevin throughout the date, showing him her lips, teeth mouth and throat as she swallows him. There is no escape except into the Goddess's belly. When Katelyn is finished she lifts her shirt up and rubs her tummy wondering how he must feel now being part of her.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
18:46 minutes
720x480 WMV
food transformation, vore, evil giantess, belly, tongue, chicken, vorarephilia, chewing

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