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Katelyn the Spoiled Girlfriend

Giantess Katelyn is your spoiled girlfriend who you gave a cheap art set to for X-mas instead of what she asked for- diamonds! She's so pissed that she's turned you into a gingerbread cookie - you don't even deserve her anymore and she's just about through with you. She's very upset, explaining all of her emotions to you, deciding you don't even deserve the gingerbread man house she put you in.

While holding you in her hand, Katelyn is acting like an upset spoiled bitch and on top of that she starts talking about this guy at work who's been hitting on her. His name is Brandon and she's been so loyal to you - telling him she has a man and keeping him FAR off your territory.

The Giantess starts feeling better and better, as she tries to decide what to do with you. Maybe she'll put you on her gingerbread cookie platter and feed you to her friends and family. However, Katelyn starts fantasizing about how big Brandon's 'package' might be in comparison to yours (at human size)...

With her mind over indulging in fantasy land, not paying attention, Giantess Katelyn bites your head right off. You taste SOO delicious. Even better than the gingerbread man cookies she was baking all day for friends and family!

She licks you, sucks on your little body from head down, bites pieces of you off with her sharp teeth, chews you up, and rubs her sexy large lips all over your body with every bite. She was in a mix between fantasizing, getting revenge, and deeply enjoying your little and delicious gingerbread man flavor.

Giantess Katelyn is going to miss you. No wait... actually the only thing she's going to miss is your delicious taste after you're all gone. So worth it though. Right before she finishes eating you, she informs you her office party is coming up and she's going to try to get to know Brandon. She has no reason to push him away anymore because now she's a single woman again! Katelyn thinks she can hear you crying in her spoiled tummy...


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
10:55 minutes
720x480 WMV
spoiled girlfriend, gingerbread man, vore, gingerbread house, giantess girlfriend, eating, chewing, mouth fetish, pink nails, christmas

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