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My Tiny Foot and Navel Worshiper

My poor friend Matt stands before my giant feet at only an inch tall! I playfully tease him with my huge feet, asking him of what he thinks to be so small and staring up at a sexy giantess! ^_^ I move my massive feet around in front of him giving him his own little foot show. He's obviously scared- he knows all too well he could easily end up a squished little bug. But despite this I can tell he is really "enjoying" every bit of my foot show!

I demand him to hug my toe and worship it- which of course he does. I can feel his little arms wrap around my big toe and a little kiss on my toenail every now and then. I start to really enjoy this, but then nearly knock him to the ground! He then bows before my feet, worshiping his new Goddess, begging for me to play nice... but I decided to play naughty... just for a little bit!

I close my enormous toes around his puny little body squeezing him tight. He struggles to free himself from between my toes but it does him no good. I eventually let him go, but not after he's had a good feel of what it's like to be trapped between the toes of a Goddess.

Knowing deep down how much he loves my feet... I order him to make love to them. He begins to hump my second toe, which feels amazing! ^_^ It's obvious that he loves my foot- but there's something else he's interested in. I catch him starring up at my naval, and so I decide to tease him even more...

With the blow of a kiss, I shrink him down to only a forth of an inch tall. I can now barely see him down by my toes- he's the size of a bug! Very carefully, I reach down and pick him up. I hold him out before my belly button watching his eyes light up. I inform him that he's going for a ride- and to hold onto my belly button ring! With a simple tilt of my hand he finds himself struggling within my navel. He grasps onto my navel ring terrified to fall out but yet so strongly turned on to be inside the navel of a giantess! I sweet talk him some more, teasing playfully with him as he struggles to hold on. I then go into a full belly dance, my hips swigging, my arms feeling my body up, all the while a tiny shrunken man rests in my navel. Too cool!

Detailed Description: First 8 minutes: Foot worship, Matt hugs, worships, humps, and gets stuck between my toes! I give him numerous little foot shows too!

At minute 8: Matt shrinks down from 1 inch to half of an inch and I pick him up! Last 6 minutes: Navel worship, Matt hangs onto my belly ring as I talk and dance!

This movie was a custom I did for someone who specially ordered this to be done via special effects. I really liked the concept, so I decided to give it a shot. He wrote the script and also wrote in camera directions / angles, which were lots of fun to play out. Overall I had a blast making this and really do love the idea of having a tiny man in my navel. If you ever end up shrunken and at my place, you just might end up hanging on in my navel ring!

Just so you know!! I also want to mention that I had some trouble with my mic during this shoot. It produced a lot of static and white noise, which I desperately worked at eliminating from the audio. 15+ audio effects later (including the individual targeting of multiple frequencies), I reduced the audio problem dramatically, but there is still a little "psssshhhh" which I wasn't able to get rid of, otherwise I would have lost most of my voice in the audio. It's not bad, but it's only fair that I mention it.

To make up for the slightly lacking audio here and there, this movie comes with a bonus clip! It's a compilation of all the special effect scenes in the movie, without any audio (just quiet music, which you can turn down) and without any POV interruptions. Some of the scenes are also slowed down and zoomed in, that way if you happen to enjoy a particular special effect scene and want to "focus" on just that, you can!

Overall I think you'll love it. I look forward to having you in my navel!

Video 1 Duration: 14:00 (Video)
Video 2 Duration: 10:00 (Bonus Clip) Combined Durations: 24:00


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:00 minutes
720x480 WMV
giantess special effects, shrunken man, trapped between toes, belly dancing, navel fetish, shrunken fetish, giantess fetish, black bra and panties, Katelyn Brooks


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  1. Greg Viera's Avatar
    Greg Viera
    wow this is one of my fantasies i would love to be in ur navel and i would love to be trapped in between ur divine toes
  2. chris's Avatar
    I would love to be in your belly button Katelyn forevr!
  3. Joshua Poon's Avatar
    Joshua Poo...
    this is the best movie ever. Your feet is one of the most beautiful, sexiest feet ever. u are my giantess and I love to say that I want to be shrunken under your feet!!! to smell it.........../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/smile.png

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