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Devoured Unaware in Katelyn's Pie

-Screaming of victim heard by Katelyn's friend on the phone during the unaware vore
-High-school and girly themed conversation

Giantess Katelyn chit-chats with her high school girl friend on her cell phone about prom attire plans and other girly things. However, during this entire conversation Katelyn's completely unaware of her delicious slice of pie including her shrunken high school crush (whom she was hoping would ask her to prom). At one point she even talks about how hot he is and how she missed him in his absent from school that day, of course while eating the pie with him helplessly trapped in all of it's soft delicious mess.

So, while indulging in her pie -getting closer and closer to unawarely eating her crush-, Katelyn and her girl friend continue to talk about all kinds of sexy girly things. By the end of the phone call Katelyn's so full she can barely finish her last bite, which has been on her fork waving in front of her lips for over a minute! It's also where her handsome crush is trapped, which Katelyn can not see since he's trapped on the opposite side of her view.

Giantess Katelyn's friend starts poking fun at Katelyn for not being able to finish the last bite of her pie and makes a deal with her. The deal- Katelyn eats her last bite of pie and in return gets extra whipped cream on her waffles the next morning when her girlfriend and her get together for breakfast. Katelyn's friend requests the phone to be held close to her mouth so Katelyn can't fake the finishing of her pie, and that's where things get weird.

After Katelyn are her last bite of pie -and unawarely her crush too- her friend told her how she heard screaming when she ate it. Katelyn got off the phone shortly after to study and thought about her friends concern about the screaming for all of a few seconds before shrugging it off and deeming her friend as crazy!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
14:22 minutes
864x480 WMV
unaware, voyeur, shrunken man, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive

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