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Randall's Punishment

This is a continuation of the video "Randall Being Naughty" where Randall, Giantess Katelyn's shrunken boyfriend, stuck his head into Katelyn's mouth while she slept and shot a load of cum down her throat! Pissed and sleepy, Katelyn placed Randall down in her nightstand to sleep by himself for the night so she could think of a punishment for him in the morning. This is where the video begins...

For Randall's Punishment Katelyn decides to give Randall a bath in her mouth. Overnight she put a shrinking spell on him to turn him into a tiny little one inch man. This, in turn, will make the bath even more punishing for Randall since he'll have to survive with his entire body getting a good washing inside her mouth.

She grabs him from her nightstand and tells him what's about to come. To begin the punishment she gives him a small tour inside her mouth, showing him where he'll soon be. She then inserts Randall inside her warm sticky mouth and using her tongue and slips him across each and every one of her teeth. After he's individually kissed and hugged each of Katelyn's teeth she proceeds to give him a very gooey bath inside of her mouth.

It's quite terrifying for Randall especially since Katelyn is lying on the floor and he could accidentally slip down her tongue and fall deep down Katelyn's wide throat at any second. Happily, he survives uninjured. When Randall's punishment is over Katelyn returns him to his original little doll size. Randall says he has learned his lesson and won't be acting so naughty anymore... but we'll see about that!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
8:51 minutes
720x480 WMV
shrunken man, vore, mouth fetish, throat, tongue, licking, kissing

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