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Peanut Butter Jelly Time

At home scenario
-Paul is microscopic compared to Giantess Katelyn
-She informs him she's going to eat him before heading to Kendra's party
-She changes into her sexy wet look skirt and shoes, showing him how she looks
-She puts him on the end and takes bites getting closer and closer to him
-Katelyn eats the last bite and Paul at the same time
-She talks about her digestion with Paul inside her
-She walks away, fed, leaving for the party
-Lots of talking and playing
-Good amount of hand held (moving Paul around) and hand POV

Giantess Katelyn gets her micro sized buddy Paul out of her purse after having found him with her magnifying glass (he's so tiny she can hardly see him!). After getting him out she talks with him about a party she's going to and she tells him how she's going to eat him so he can nourish her through out the night. He also has a little thing for latex so she puts him on the floor and changes above him into her new sexy "wet look" mini skirt. Katelyn and her girlfriends are dressing fetish style for the party so she just has to show Paul how she'll look at the party before eating him! So, after showing off for him she makes her sandwich so he can have a great view of what's coming. She bites away at it and savors each bite. She consumes the rest of the sandwich and begins talking to Paul (inside of her) about how her body's going to digest him through the night. Then she puts her jacket back on and heads out.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
21:30 minutes
720x480 WMV
vore, handheld, sandwich eating, school girl, palms, boobs, bra, fishnets, high heels

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