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Katelyn Swallows Mark Alive with Golfish Crackers

Mark is a cute little pet of Giantess Katelyn's. She has decided to show him what it'd be like to be eaten by a giant female. She grabs a bag of yummy goldfish crackers to help demonstrate and she starts feasting away on them one by one.

She brings him closer to her and scoops up a handful of goldfish. Katelyn pours them into her mouth and tells him to imagine himself struggling within her food. She crushes them up between her teeth showing off and teasing him with her incredibly hot mashed up mess!

The Giantess pours more and more goldfish in her mouth and her mouth gets messier and messier. She savors every bit of her meal as she tosses it around in her wet salivating mouth. She can see that her little pet wants to be closer... he wants even more...

So Katelyn decides to sacrifice one of her little people. She tells Mark to imagine himself small, naked and between her fingers. She shows him his little self, terrified and minuscule in comparison to his Goddess. She playfully tosses him into her mouth and begins to feast on his tiny body...

Giantess Katelyn tosses even more goldfish into her mouth and begins to eat Mark alive. Her STRONG teeth slowly grind his body into the mess and she brings herself closer and closer to the camera. She can feel his little body pushing and struggling within all of the mess!

For well over 13 minutes, Mark is tossed around in Katelyn's huge mouth and pushed from cheek to cheek with her tongue. You'll see INCREDIBLE shots of her mouth and mind blowing shots of the food and Mark being eaten alive.

The Giantess pours a final handful of goldfish on top of Mark and informs him that he's about to be swallowed. She gives him one final show before her powerful throat takes him and the food down into her hungry belly. Bye Mark!

Then for three full minutes Katelyn details every move he makes as he is swallowed and digested by her incredible body. She licks her lips and cleans the remains of the goldfish from her teeth. What a delicious little meal!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
16:28 minutes
720x480 WMV
swallowed alive, shrunken man, vore, mouth fetish, chewing, goldfish crackers, teeth, throat, red nails

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