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Katelyn's Magical Crunchy Snacks

Giantess Katelyn comes to tell her pets that she has a surprise for them. The surprise? A plate! She places them all on the plate and tells them it's time for them to sacrifice their lives to feed her body. Since they were all very good pets while they were around, she decides to be gentle with them at first and gives them all a really good tease! She slowly drops them all into her gaping mouth; tossing them gently back and forth between her lips and tongue... a few of them even get to explore the Giantess's supple cleavage. One lady got really lucky too...she gave her a chance to live on as her pet but only if she pleased her nipple while she sucked on her other pets. She didn't do so well though so she ended up being tossed back into Katelyn's cavernous maw.

After a little more teasing, she becomes even hungrier and in the mood for something very crunchy! She decides the time has finally come to use her newly found magic. With the quick wave of her hand, Giantess Katelyn transforms her pets into crunchy snacks! She makes short work of their new bodies by chewing and crunching them all up in her mouth and eats every last bite. Who knew little pets could taste so good!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:24 minutes
720x480 WMV
vore, vorarephilia, swallowed alive, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, shrunken man, shrunken woman, chewed up food, chewing, consumption, licking, shrunken people, lips, natural nails, Katelyn Brooks

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