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The Bacon Cheeseburger

-Introduction story read by Katelyn
-A few pictures during the introduction from the movie
-Crush at the beginning of the film
-Some shrunken dialogue from Katelyn's boyfriend and his friend
-Mouth cam during the last part of the vore video, when she eats her boyfriend

The introduction:
Since Katelyn was at the mall with her girl friend Alissa, Katelyn's boyfriend invited a friend over to keep him company. His friend arrived and shortly after, he influenced Katelyn's boyfriend to take a new experimental drug he bought online. The drug alters the users reality like on acid. It's new to the market so the side effects aren't well know.

About an hour after they took it they noticed everything started looking and feeling distorted. They were beginning to trip! They felt like they were a little drunk too. They became more relaxed- knowing a good high was germinating. Two hours later they both began feeling like they were shrinking, which made them giggle with excitement because they thought they were finally at the climax of their high.

A little later Katelyn called home to let them know she was leaving the mall to come home to party. Saturday nights are game and beer night. Katelyn's boyfriend thought "Ah, cool. I'll go make her a sandwich. It'll be a surprise for her when she gets here. She loves surprises and she loves my cooking. Anything I can do to get some extra ass, I'll do." His friend laughed and followed him out to the kitchen.

While they were both in the kitchen making her sandwich and talking to each other they both started to feel like they were shrinking again! Her boyfriend felt like he was a little kid's height- peeking over the counter and reaching to craft her sandwich. The trip was just getting too strong for him so he climbed on top the kitchen island to finish it. Everything even felt much heavier- it was all so real!

To put the top part of the bun on Katelyn's finished sandwich was no easy task! And then he yelped for help as he shrank again and slid off sandwich into the burger. He was trapped! His friend was off in his own world. He felt like a midget and was leaping around the kitchen, talking about how cool the high felt!

He laughed and couldn't wait for Katelyn to get home so she could try it too.

However, he started to shrink again. But this time far tinier than a midget's size. He looked around himself and crumbs on the floor were half his life size! He screamed for Katelyn's boyfriend but he couldn't see him or hear him.

Even up to this point they thought they were hallucinating their tiny sizes. But little to their knowledge, it was all really happening! Katelyn's boyfriend stood trapped at 1/4 inch tall in her delicious hand made sandwich. And his friend, as small as a tiny bug on the floor at the kitchen island. And then... Katelyn arrived home and entered the kitchen...

(and this is where the video begins) (the read introduction lasts around 4 minutes)

Katelyn crushes her boyfriends friend when she enters the kitchen and takes off her pink high heel sandals. She notices the sandwich and is starved from not eating all day. It's her favorite too - a bacon cheeseburger!! She sits down and enjoys every last bite. Unknowingly to her, her boyfriend was in the last bite.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
20:29 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken man, bare feet, sandwich vore, eating, chewing, mouth, drinking, consumption, french nails, Katelyn Brooks

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