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Hungry Indian Girl Giantess

A poor Indian Giantess finds herself one night without any money for food. Starving and with nothing else to eat, she decides to sacrifice a horse and a living human being from her shrunken village in order to quell her growling belly. She is sad at first, as she knows that several lives must be lost to her hungry mouth and stomach in order to fill her. But without any other choice, the Indian Giantess walks over to her tiny village, towering over the inhabitants, looking to find her first victim. She spots a horse and quickly swallows it alive, licking its struggling body off her hand. The Indian Giantess then spots her next victim, a young man. Still starving, she reaches for him! The Indian Giantess then notices his equally tiny girlfriend and feeling bad for eating the shrunken girl's love, she promises her that she will chew her tiny boyfriend up in order to spare him a slow and agonizing digestive death within her stomach. With that, the Indian Giantess began to suck on the small body of the young man.... The tiny man soon found himself in the Indian Giantess's enormous hot, salivating mouth struggling for his life. This strangely pleased the giant Indian Giantess even more and she soon found herself savoring every crunch of his tiny body as she chewed him up with her massive teeth! Swallowing his blood and sweat pleased the Indian Giantess so much that she no longer felt bad about what she had done... Deeply satisfied, the Indian Giantess stretches her bare feet over the village, looking forward to her next meal!

About the Movie: Really Amazing video and sound quality! In this clip you get to see a lot of sexy angles along with a few slow motion effects to really show all the hot details. First, the hungry Indian Giantess's sexy shoes towering behind the village, then you get to see some of her boobs hovering above the village, a good amount of gentle hand play and moving the village men, horses, and women around in the village, she licks a horse up from her hand, slips her shoes off and stretches her sexy bare feet above the village, savors Steve for quite some time, a few different angles of her enjoying Steve are shown also. POVs, full face, close ups, slow motion, throat swallowing, and the clip ends at her beautiful cleavage.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
15:11 minutes
720x480 mp4
Includes Mobile Streaming!
Indian giantess, foot fetish, vore fetish, swallowed alive, biting, teeth, throat, high heels, tp village

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