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Digested and Pooped

-Hot boob, mouth, and tummy shots
-Katelyn slaps her own ass!
-Poop and fat talk
-Flushing sound effect at end with POV

Katelyn shrinks her boyfriend Jaedon with a kiss and picks him up. She asks how it feels to be so small he can fit in her palm. He really enjoys it! He has a fantasy to be shrunken down by her and wants to live out his deepest desires.

Katelyn knows what his deepest desires are and is curious to fulfill them. She asks Jaedon if he wants to go through with it and he does. After all is said and done, Jaedon is going to end up getting eaten, becoming part of Katelyn's boob fat, and pooped out.

First, Katelyn plays around and teases her shrunken boyfriend Jaedon. She sits him on the bed while she strips and then slaps her sexy ass. She then swoops him up and swings him around as she lays down. She asks him if he wants to become part of her boob fat or part of her ass fat.

They both decide - boob fat. And the right boob too because the left has always been a little bigger and this will even them out for Katelyn. Jaedon then gets to kiss each of her massive boobs goodbye and then Katelyn opens her mouth wide and eats him! She then masturbates (this isn't really seen) and gets up to poop out last nights supper.

The following morning she poops him out and tells him how he looks all messy in her pee. (POV) After saying goodbye she flushes him down and says her girlfriends wont believe she dumped her boyfriend.


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
11:00 minutes
1280x720 WMV
ass crush, vore, boobs, throat, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, poop fetish, toilet flush, shrunken man, hot girlfriend, giantess girlfriend, POV, Point of View, butt crush, abs, belly, slim, skinny, schoolgirl, plaid skirt, Katelyn Brooks


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    hello ms katelyn iam very miss this opprtunity i want be an tiny man and to be dijest but there is an no chance to me any way iam very happy to watch this its an usome........
  2. Max Cunningham's Avatar
    Max Cunnin...
    Katelyn, I want to be inside you. I want you to come and get me by kidnapping me, tying me up, and cooking me to steak and turning my bones to salt to be sprinkled within me. Then, eat me whole, digest me alive, and crap me out in your toilet, as you squeeze me through your butt cheeks in the form of one big, smelly, brown, soft, comfortable piece of your poop. I will be too big to be flushed down your toilet, so leave me in as you masturbate!

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