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A School Girl's Lucid Dream

-Lots of boob play
-Nice finger and handheld shots
-Jason gets eaten

Katelyn, a hot school girl, just loves it when she lucid dreams. In fact, she thinks she is right now! She arrives in her friend Miranda's bedroom and finds Jason, her classmate, shrunken and in a keeping area just as Miranda described. Katelyn tells him that Miranda told her he wants to be eaten so Katelyn bends down to see what this is all about.

Giantess Katelyn carefully picks shrunken Jason up between her long sexy manicured fingernails while telling him what Miranda said. She then tells him something personal about herself - she's very sexual!

She tells him how she loves her nipples being played with and ends up agreeing to make Jason's vore fantasy come true if he pleasures her nipples first. They both agree and the deal is made. Katelyn then drops Jason down onto each nipple and fondles her boobs silly while enjoying the struggling sensations of him on her nipple. Very pleasureful... so pleasureful she almost doesn't want to take him out!

But Katelyn's good for her end of the deal. She gets Jason out of her bra and then tastes him a few times before completely devouring him. She opens her mouth and places him on her tongue and a few seconds later, swallows him down. She traces his path down her throat and to her massive breasts.

Then, since Katelyn thinks she's lucid dreaming she calls Miranda upstairs for a 3 sum.
But wait!! Was Katelyn really lucid dreaming or was this reality?! Guess she'll find out tomorrow when Jason is or isn't in class!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:40 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken man, handheld, licking, nipples, school girl, boobs, Katelyn Brooks

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