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Giantess Apple Fan Feast

Giantess Katelyn crawls onto her bed and tells her fans she has something special planned for them. They all have something in common. They're die hard fans of her mouth and she plans to eat them with her delicious red apple!

Katelyn knees up and places all three of them ontop her apple and starts eating them away. She eats most of the apple around them, teasing them like crazy with her teeth, throat, tongue, and even boobs! Katelyn's saving the three fans for the last bite. She wants to have the best bite saved for last.

When Katelyn feels like she's beginning to get full she knows it's time to eat them. Matthias gets eaten first. He has a big thing for Katelyn's tongue so she gives him a tongue tease -and even licks his crotch until he cums- before she swallow him completely whole.

Then Roy gets eaten. Roy loves Katelyn's teeth so she takes a big bite of the apple with him in it and carefully chews it up without harming him. Katelyn has him watch closely as she chews and swallows the apple in her mouth around him and then swallows him whole!

Then the last little mouth fan is eaten alive by Katelyn. She talks about how she just ate Matthias and Roy and decides to eat Steve the same way as Roy. Katelyn liked the adrenaline rush of how dangerous it was to eat the bite of apple in her mouth while Roy was in there. However, steve wasn't as lucky as roy as far as safety. Steve got nibbled and bit a few times before sliding down Katelyn's throat in one whole piece.

Katelyn wanted the three of them to be happy and healthy while entering her body so she didn't intend to chew or harm any of them. They were all sexily and playfully teased and then swallowed by her. Afterwards, Katelyn realizes how horny she is after thinking out loud about where each must be in her body. Matthias? Long gone. Probably ripped apart into a million pieces and in her intestines already. Roy? Probably still being ripped apart in her stomach. Perhaps he's been broken down into a few larger pieces by now. Steve? Ah, he was just eaten so maybe he's taking his last few breaths inside of her! He's probably just entering her stomach, swimming in the juices.

Katelyn then rolls back onto her bed, belly up, legs spread, and gets one off. Then she jokes about how if any of them were alive they would have surely heard that!!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
31:19 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrunken men, vore, boobs, bite marks, chewing, mouth, throat, swallowing, Katelyn Brooks

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