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Glove Fetish Suffocation

So you have a glove fetish do you? Well, in this video you get a little hypnotized with my sexy glove dance and glove movements and you shrink to only a few inches and then some! You shrink down to such a tiny pathetic size. I play with you with you at your newly shrunken size with my sexy gloved hands. I poke you, grab you, rub you, and in the end you suffocate under my irresistible gloved hands.

For this spooky Halloween 2008 video I talk a lot and in a really weird voice and I evilly giggle a lot so beware, you may get spooked, haha!!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:37 minutes
720x480 WMV
glove fetish, hand fetish, black nails, halloween, suffocation


One Review and Counting...

  1. Chuck's Avatar
    A bit of dancing and a lot of gloved hands views seem attractive enough for people with such fetish. The 'making the viewer feel smaller' part is definitely a plus, but without the whole hand - and specially finger - moves it wouldn't be as interesting. So sure, there's the size theme, but I think that this short video can even work without the size component, making for a decent hand/glove fetish one. Although the most interesting part, when the hands get even closer to the viewer, takes some time, I think the -short- wait is worth it. Also, little mishap there, but it was solved in the very moment with some improv. Kudos.

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