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Giantess Jade's Delicious Living Spices

Giantess Jade is laying on her belly on the couch and tells you she has shrunken a bunch of her mouth worshipers down to spice size. They are just tiny little specs, barely visible to the human eye. She then tells you (the viewer / cam) that she's going to eat them all in a very special and fun way and lowers them all down to her belly to show them (and you) what they're all going to end up in!

Giantess Jade then asks you to hold up a mirror for her so you do. She then uses it and sticks each spec to her lips. Now comes the fun part. She then uses the mirror to lick and pull each spec off her lips with her tongue until she's eaten them all! She even finishes off by pulling her lips behind her teeth to make sure they've all gone in! Mmm, she loves the way they taste!

The Giantess then opens her mouth and licks all of her teeth, the roof of her mouth, and shows you her open throat, where they've all gone down! She tells you about how good they are and that she can still taste some going down her throat! She then traces her hand from her throat down to her belly, talking about how savory they all were, yum! Don't you wish you were one of those lucky spices swallowed by Giantess Jade?!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:21 minutes
1280x720 WMV
lip fetish, vore, lip licking, shrunken, hot Asian giantess, voreaphillia, Jade Vixen

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