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Consumed with Kerri's Black Licorice

You're trapped on the last bite of Giantess Kerri's black licorice and she can't wait to eat you all up. She giggles, chews with her mouth open, shows you the chewed up licorice on her tongue, tells you she's getting closer to you, and then eats you! After she chews you up and gulps you down and rubs her neck in pleasure.

For a short moment you also get to see what it looks like in Kerri's mouth when she eats you with the last bite of licorice. A deep mouth cam was used, but sadly it turned out blurry so you can't really make it out too good.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:57 minutes
1280x720 WMV
candy, vore, vorarephilia, mouth, tongue, mouthcam, eating, candy, tongue, teeth, natural nails, Kerri Taylor


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  1. emmanuel's Avatar
    most spectacular thing you could ever have
  2. emmanuel's Avatar
    awesome stuff and sexy stuff

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