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Nicole's New Foot Loving Boyfriend

Nicole has a new boyfriend and overheard his nasty ex say he has some creepy foot fetish. Nicole thinks it's hot though! She then tells him she has really pretty feet and tells him to get ready for some foot loving action.

Nicole then shows off her new pink high heels, dangles them off, sticks her feet up in his face, raises them up towards the ceiling and rubs them along her smooth legs, she sucks on her toes, and much more. She then tells him she has a surprise for him and grabs something out of her purse.

She pulls out a shrinking device! She then shrinks him down to the size of an ant. She then stands up high above him and acts all Giantessy with her feet. She moves her feet around all over the place above him, giving him one hell of a POV foot show!

She then tells him to follow her and lays on the carpet and tells him he's going to have his ultimate fantasy. She instructs him to climb her mountain sized feet. He then ends up cumming on her feet and she tells him he better clean it off or she might keep him shrunken!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
11:50 minutes
1280x720 WMV
soles, bare foot pov, shrinking, foot licking, foot fetish, foot slave, red nails, hot girlfriend, dangling, foot exploration, Nikki Masters

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