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School Girls Apartment Infested with Bug People

Nicole arrives home from school on her cell phone telling her friend exhausted she is. She'll need a power nap before their night out so she drops her school binders to the floor and gets off the phone. She falls asleep on the floor. Little does she know, her living room is infested with little people! While she's asleep a bunch of them explore her body from head to toe, unbeknown to her. She then wakes up when one falls into her hand and she jolts up and screams "EWW A BUG!" and crushes it! She then swears about how her house has been infested lately and she's sick of it and she hunts around the living room, exterminating them all under her feet - hands - and ass! She crushes the last and biggest bug, you, beneath her giant bare foot!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:00 minutes
1280x720 WMV
sleeping, school girl, bare foot crush, pov, shrunken people, Nikki Masters


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  1. filip's Avatar
    wow I want feel girls feet when she step on

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