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The Contract Part Two of Three

Emma found a few applicants she'd like to call so she takes her foot sweat slave and places him in her nylons to keep her foot sweat under control throughout the day. She tells him how she expects complete devotion and cooperation. If at any time she feels her foot getting sweaty there will be harsh consequences! Emma carelessly rubs her foot into the ground as she schedules a few interviews for the day. She schedules Michael, Frank, Rando, and Grahm. When Michael arrives Emma goes over his resume with him and she's impressed and ready to hire him on. All she needs him to do is sign the contract. He signs without reading the fine print... (I mean really, who does?!) and he becomes her legally bound shrunken foot slave! She shrinks him and tells him his only position with her for the rest of his life is to keep her dry in her pantyhose. She gets him into his new work area. Her crotch. And tells him how he will serve her. He will swallow her cum throughout her mini climaxes throughout the day and dry her up after she pees.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
9:25 minutes
720x480 WMV
shrinking, soles, nylons, business woman, bare feet, toes, white tips, panties, in panties, insertion, pee

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