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Emmas Shrinking Study Buddy

Emma got together with a study buddy from science class but before studying she wanted to know more about his shrunken fetish and the modified laser he was telling her about in class. He handed it to her in excitement to give it a try and when she used it he shrunk before her eyes! She was amazed at how tiny he got and she had so much fun letting him explore her body at his new shrunken size! However, when she tried to return him back to his normal size the laser didn't exactly work as planned. He grew to about shoulder height and then shrunk back down to the same shrunken size... and that's when things went from happy and playful to terrifying. She tried the laser on him again and this time he grew only to skirt height and then shrunk again, but this time he shrunk so incredibly small she couldn't even see him anymore.

Emma searched through the carpet to no avail clueless with what to do about the situation. She just wished she could find him. As she was searching through the carpet she hoped she wasn't hurting him with her fingers. Pondering about what to do it came to her... she took a really wide step over the carpet and went to search through his papers! She came back disappointed in not finding anything of help to her. She then had another idea! She did what she thought a guy would do... she smacked the laser in her hands! However, nothing happened when she tried it again. She hoped the laser wasn't continuously shrinking him because if so, he was probably smaller than a grain of sand. She took another wide step over him and returned with her laptop. She told him to try to get to her high heel while she looked a few things up and to get more comfy she took off her knee high socks. Even though she told him to try to get to her high heels he spent his time admiring her bare feet, legs, pretty face, and sexy high heels. She had no clue but she was totally giving him a sexy foot show and he loved it! After a few minutes of searching she finally found his website with information on the laser.

With the laser fixed she fired it over the entire area of where she thought he was. It worked and he returned back to his normal size! She was so happy he was back she gave him a big hug! She told him they better get down to studying and once his laser was more perfected they could play with it again.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
19:47 minutes
720x480 WMV
shrinking, micro, school girl, study buddy, hand fetish, bare feet, pov, point of view, knee high socks


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  1. Jerry's Avatar
    Such a waste of money. She's cute, but so little happens in what was a very neat premise.

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