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Mouth Tease

Emma and I are two curious school girls who question and tease you about your mouth fetish. We start off by completely smothering you in kisses! I then lick you to see how you taste. You're kinda salty, kinda sweet. I wouldn't mind the tasting you as you slide across the top of my tongue and down my throat but I'm not going to eat you, Emma and I just want to tease you! You could also eat food from our tongues but you'd have to be careful! Or maybe you'd like it if we were hungry giantesses eating tiny people amongst the streets?

We ask you to imagine your tiny little body trapped between the softness of our lips as we kiss. We kiss each other high above you and we inform you that if you're a good pet we'll keep you around and you'll be seeing a lot more of our kissing. To test if you'd be a good pet we ask you to stay put as we look around the house to find something to keep you in. If you're good, we'll treat you to something special!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:12 minutes
720x480 WMV
mouth tease, kissing, school girls, Emma Taylor

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