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Ass Tease

Emma and I are two curious school girls who question and tease you about your ass crushing fetish. Maybe you want to get crushed under Emmas soft undies or under my bare ass cheek? Or would you want to be sat on slow or fast? Maybe you'd like to be a soft plush teddy bear or a ken doll!? This video is a cute little tease of it all! Slow-Mo added to the plush teddy bear and ken part.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
2:21 minutes
720x480 WMV
ass pov, panties, school girl, point of view, two girls, upskirt, pink panties, striped panties, plaid skirt, knee high socks, blonde, brunette, white blouse, pink striped panties, plushie, teddy bear, ken doll, facesitting pov, pov under ass, Emma Taylor

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