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Anna's Sneaky Ass Slave's Punishment

Anna looks through her furniture for her shrunken ass slave. She looks behind the pillows, under the couches, between the couch and the pillow until she discovers him being sneaky and trying to hide between the couch! As punishment she drops him on the floor with a cushion, grabs a magazine, and grinds her ass into him while she reads. In the middle of reading she gets an awesome idea for even more punishment... using duck tape.

She duck tapes his mouth shut and then duck tapes him to the couch where he was hiding and throws the cushion back on top of him! Sitting beside the couch, talking through the cushion, she explains how she's having a slumber party and all her girlfriends are going to be jumping all over the couches. Anna thinks it's funny how her and her girlfriends will be having a blast with their pillow fights and more while completely unaware to them her ass slave will be living in a world of terror and continuous suffocation trapped below!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
5:46 minutes
864x480 WMV
sitting, doll sized, ass crush, voyeur, nylons, school girl

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