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Caught and Trapped by Anna

Anna was just about to copy some cheat shoots for her girlfriends for their test tomorrow but she discovers you sneaking about on her carpet. She thought she crushed you! Anna chases you around her living room, trying to crush you for good, but you quick run under the couch. Anna then says whatever and walks away so you try to sneak but out but it was a trap - she caught you!

She then tells you what's going to happen to you. Since she's trapped you and you're once again in her possession she's going to bring you to the girl's locker room tomorrow and set you free on the floor while all the girls are freezing and running quickly to their lockers! Anna thinks you'll be lucky if you live after all the trampling you're going to go through while you're dodging their bare feet trying not to get crushed under their soles!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
1:46 minutes
864x480 WMV
nylons, pov, foot fetish, running, shrunken, school girl, trapped, upskirt, ass, butt, floor view, carpet, anna belle

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