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The Scents of Giantess Girls

Anna shrinks you and hides you under a pillow; she is going to surprise Katelyn with you! While you're hiding she thanks you for allowing her to shrink you because not everyone lets her do it- it's just her and Katelyn's thing. Katelyn then arrives home. She looks under the pillow to find you and she is SO surprised! Anna and Katelyn then begin playing with you, both promising to be very very gentle with you as you had requested.

You had also previously requested to Anna to play a "smelling game" with the both of them while you are shrunk. The game? You get to smell all different areas of their body as a tiny shruken man. So they do exactly that with you- they have you smell each of their hands, their feet, mouths, and more.

You get to lay on each of their hands and get handled a lot in between them and their sexy palms, you then get tossed in between their nyloned feet as they put you on each others toes and soles, you go for a slide-ride down Katelyn's soles with the help of Anna, you even get gently stepped on in between both of their soles at the same time as they ask you how it smells and giggle!

They then decide to have you smell their mouths. Katelyn picks you up and holds you right near Anna's sexy mouth. Anna asks you few questions and teases you with many kisses and a few licks, grabbing your tiny body and giving you a sexy mouth show. Then Anna takes you and holds you over Katelyn's mouth. Katelyn gets a little evil and drops you IN to her mouth a few times, on purpose, but promising to continue being gentle. You get some awesome views of the both of their mouths, including a very large close up view of the inner depths of Katelyn's mouth, and more.

Katelyn teases about how your so tiny you sure would come into great use for Anna and Kate's girly needs - you can catch all the details they can't see themselves. She even jokes about you being their eye and nose doctor, holding you up close to her eye and dangerously close to the inside of her nose!

By the end of it all Katelyn asks Anna if she can have a little personal, intimate time with you. However, Anna then wants some intimate time with you too and asks why she can't go first. Kate mentions she'll go first, then Anna second. Then Anna asks why not the both of them go together. Katelyn asks Anna if she's.. bi.. and Anna says "Hell Yes!". Katelyn, shocked, says "Lets go!" as they both reach down to pick you up for some fun in the bedroom.


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
19:48 minutes
720x480 WMV
shrunken man, two giantesses, handheld, mouth, tongue, throat, handheld, nylons, red nails

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