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Giantess Daisy's Gentle to Evil Ass Crush Exploration

You go over to Giantess Daisy's place for a session. The Giantess is thought of to be very gentle, caring, and fun so you trust her over other Giantesses with your life. You want to come out of the experience alive so you can continue along with your life afterwards. You arrive, Giantess Daisy shrinks you down, and the session begins. She teasingly makes you to climb up the side of the huge chase to get to her. Once you've reached the top you get to do your biggest fantasy with her; a full body exploration. You start at her feet and work your way the whole way up to her beautiful lips and face. Once you've reached her thigh and can see her ass and she tells you how this one time a guy fell off her and fell under her ass. When she went to get up to find him she accidentally crushed him and that was her first crush. You don't think anything of it so you admire her ass and work your way the rest of the way up. You make it the whole way up to her lips and get a little mouth show. She then tells you she has one other surprise for you and turns around, putting you under her ass. She tells you the accidental ass crush she told you about was really intentional... it's her new kink... and as she lowers her ass on top of you she tells you you're her next victim. She couldn't believe you fell for that trap!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
6:09 minutes
864x480 WMV
shrinking, shrunken pov, climbing, ass, panties, huge lips, mouth fetish, shrunken fetish

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