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Giantess Daisy's Disobedient Ass Slave

Giantess Daisy has just gotten back from the gym and it's time for your punishment. Since you've been a disobedient ass slave she's giving you one more chance to prove your worth or else she'll suffocate you under the very thing you live for. She turns around and pulls her pants below her ass and shoves it in your face. You try to run away like an idiot past her foot and down the chase but she grabs you and shoves you back under her ass. And once again you decided to try to sneak off up her back the whole way to her shoulder. She asks what the heck you think your doing and puts you back under her smelly gym ass. She then suffocates you playfully, not completely taking your breath away but scaring you like crazy for your puny life. After your torture is over she pulls her pants back over her bum and goes upstairs without you to take a solo shower. You must sit on the chase and think about how bad you've been. You don't get the privilege of joining her in the shower this time!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
3:40 minutes
864x480 WMV
ass pov, panties, soles, shrunken run

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