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Giantess Vore Interview with Daisy

Daisy's laying on her belly with her mouth close to the camera, feet dangling in the air behind her.

Giantess Katelyn, behind the cam, asks Giantess Daisy some Giantess questions.

"Hey Daisy! Your fans have a bunch of Giantess questions they'd love to hear you answer. You up for it? Ok, here they are!

1)If you could wear anything on the planet in the fantasy of being a Giantess - what would you choose to wear?
2)What's the most sensitive part of your mouth?
3)What if you got hungry? Would you lick people off the streets and hunt them down in skyscrapers?
4)What would you say to a buss full of people before dumping them all down your throat?
5)How would you eat a car with only one person in it?
6)Is there anyone you'd hunt out to eat in particular?
7)Would you like feeling people slide and struggle down your throat?
8)What would you say before eating them?
9)Do you like feeling them digest?
10)Can you show us what it would look like in your mouth before getting swallowed?
11)If everyone was the size of ants in comparison to your size, how many cities do you think you'd have to eat before you'd get full?

That looks like all of the questions! Thanks for answering everything for all your fans! :)


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
2:59 minutes
1280x720 WMV
giantess interview, bare feet, mouth fetish, teeth

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