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Shrunken Servant Appetizer

Giantess Daisy is a Greek Goddess whose upset a servant forgot to double check the guest list for her huge dinner party. She had someone else take care of the job, but some people will be missing the party due to too late of an invite! She thinks he should get punished for his actions and doesn't take it lightly. She shrinks him to 1" tall and tells him he'll be her appetizer before the party.

The Goddess lays down and tells him if he crawls the whole way up her body to her face she'll make it painless for him and swallow him whole. "OBEY ME!" The Goddess demands. Shivering, the lousy shrunken servant begins crawling to his fate. He is very rebellious though and tries to get away a couple times!

Once he climbs up her body and reaches her mouth she grabs him from her lips and tells him lucky enough for him, she's keeps to her words. "Time to swallow you whole" And drops him in her mouth with her mouth open. She thinks for a second, with her tongue out and her mouth wide open, and then gulps.

She then rubs her neck and traces her finger down to her belly, talking about how he's sliding and struggling down. She then giggles because she knows he's still alive and can still hear her. She then tells him that it'll be even more painful since she swallowed him whole. If she would have chewed him up it would have been instant death. However, since she swallowed him, he'll have to go through her entire digestion process. He'll be in pain for minutes on end inside her body before being ripped apart by her stomach acids or drowning!

The Goddess wonders how long he'll stay alive, while rubbing her belly. If he gets trapped in a little air bubble maybe he'll even still be alive in her during the dinner party!


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
5:10 minutes
1280x720 WMV
shrinking, body exploration, soles, vore, bare feet, shrunken man, tongue

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