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Giantess Crush Interview with Daisy

Daisy's sitting down with her feet curved towards the camera.

Giantess Katelyn, behind the cam, asks Giantess Daisy some Giantess questions.

"Hey Daisy! Your fans have a bunch of Giantess questions they'd love to hear you answer. You up for it? Ok, here they are!

1)If you could wear anything on the planet in the fantasy of being a Giantess - what would you choose to wear?
2)If you had on a pair of Giantess high heels, what would they look like?
3)Where are the are the most sensitive parts of your feet?
4)What would you crush under those areas and why?
5)Are there any people in particular you'd hunt down to crush?
6)Would you crush people or buildings under or between your toes?
7)What parts of your feet do you think you would use to crush skyscrapers and street goers?
8)What would you say before crushing them?
9)What's the last thing they'd see before you crush them?
10)Do you think you would take your time destroying cities- or would you rip through them at a faster pace?
11)What kind of cars would you crush?
12)How would you crush them?
13)If the cars were the size of ants in comparison to your bare feet - how many do you think you could crush under one foot?
14)Would you leave the remains of the crushed cars and people on your soles?
15)Where would you sleep?
16)Would you be worried about getting tied up? (hehe!)
17)What do you think your reaction would be if you woke up and you were all tied up with hundreds of people crawling all over and around you to keep you down?
18)How would you punish them for tying you down?
19)How would you use your power to make all the tiny people do things for you?
20)Would you make them all worship, massage, and lick your feet clean?

That looks like all of the questions! Thanks for answering everything for all your fans! :)


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Product Details:
Producer: GK Productions
4:58 minutes
1280x720 WMV
soles, giantess interview, bare feet, gold nails

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