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Forced To Swallow Him

Katelyn can't find her boyfriend anywhere and she quickly becomes concerned for his safety. She decides to go over to Heather's place to ask her if she has seen him. Katelyn soon finds that she knows exactly where he is and tells Katelyn she will bring him to her. Confused Katelyn waits for their return. But instead of returning with her boyfriend, Heather returns with rope and ties Katelyn up! With Katelyn completely helpless, Heather begins to tickle her for fun. She tickles and tickles until Katelyn begs for mercy! She then explains to her that she has in fact shrunk down Katelyn's boyfriend as she has become extremely jealous of Katelyn's relationship with him. Instead she feels that she would make for a much better girlfriend rather than some dumb boy. Heather reveals that she has shrunk Katelyn's boyfriend down to less than an inch and intends to dispose of him! Katelyn begs for her boyfriend's safety but Heather refuses. She wants Katelyn's boyfriend out of the picture! She tells Katelyn to open up her sexy soft mouth and swallow her poor boyfriend alive. Katelyn refuses but Heather forces her by tickling to give in. Katelyn reluctantly opens her mouth and Heather drops Katelyn's boyfriend into her wet gaping cavern of a mouth. Helpless and in horror with no other option left, she swallows him alive and his tiny body slides down her sexy throat. Contains slow motion mouth close ups, vore, swallowing, tickling, handheld, and a little kiss at the end! If you prefer feet and crushing however, check out the crush ending version of this clip in my store!

Film was shot thanks to!
(Edited by me, Katelyn)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
5:39 minutes
720x480 WMV
vore, tickling, bi kiss, swallowed alive, mouth, tongue, shrunken man, handheld, hands, nails, fishnets, goth, vorarephilia, two girls

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