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Mini Tech's Party Crasher

-About the first 5 minutes is of Giantess Katelyn talking on the phone with a friend, devastated that her husband has been cheating on her with his secretaries at work
-She gets drunk and gets a ride to his office party, PISSED
-The office party turned out to be a 'shrunken' office party, celebrating the office's latest project, a shrinking device!
-Giantess Katelyn unplugs the transportation/shrinking device, trapping EVERYONE so she takes her revenge on her cheating husband
-Shoe POV, Bare foot POV, Miniature town, Vore
-Him and one of his tiny secretaries are swallowed alive!
-Comes bundled with a photo of the hand-written MiniTech note

Giantess Katelyn finds out her new husband has been cheating on her with the hot blonde secretaries at his office. Devastated, she vents it all out to a friend over the phone while getting drunk. She is super PISSED and wants nothing more than to drive to his office party and crash it!

When the Giantess arrives, she wonders where everyone is... that's when she finds a flier with a miniature town. Katelyn reads the note aloud and it turns out that the office is having a 'miniature holiday party' to celebrate the company's latest innovation, a shrinking device! Her eyes light up as she realizes how great her revenge will be...

She unplugs the transportation/shrinking pad so no one can get in or out of the tiny town. The entire office party is now trapped within their little party town with her - an extremely pissed off Giantess sized wife - hovering over them demanding to know where her good for nothing husband is, threatening to crush them all!

But her husband decides to cower in fear, forcing Giantess Katelyn to look in all the buildings, threatening the town with their lives if she didn't find him. She stomps on the town's houses, shoves the buildings around, but of course he doesn't come out. He has a damn good reason to hide.

After a little more searching she finally finds him hiding in a house with one of the secretaries, caught right in the act of cheating! She starts pulling the house apart and shakes them out. They fall into Katelyn's hand trembling with fear and half naked too! The Giantess is as pissed as ever and so she decides to get rid of them both once and for all- by eating them alive!

She tells the town their secret shrinking device invention is safe with her as long as her secret of eating her shrunken husband and a secretary alive will be never spoken of again. Satisfied and ready to leave, Katelyn gets up without even remembering to plug the transportation device back in. ;)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
19:04 minutes
720x480 WMV
bare feet, shrunken buildings, shrunken people, vore, mouth fetish, shrunken woman, shrunken man, pov, point of view, hunt, Xmas, Christmas, Holiday, Katelyn Brooks

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