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Waiting Unaware

-Katelyn talks in a very sexy accent
-Many POVs

Katelyn is a sexy teacher waiting around for Dan, one of her students, to show up for his private tutoring lesson. As Miss Katelyn waits for him she dangles her heels and plays with her feet. Miss Katelyn is really starting to get bored of waiting! After a few minutes of waiting around Miss Katelyn takes her high heels off. She then rubs her smelly nylon covered feet into the carpet, she massages her feet with her hands, and stretches them out. They've been in her hot shoes sweating all day so it feels really good to her! However, Miss Katelyn notices that her sole seems have gotten even more wet. How could that be? The whole reason Miss Katelyn took off her high heels is so her feet could get some fresh air. But she thinks nothing more of it. She also just assumes her student Dan simply forgot about his tutoring lesson.

Little did she know Dan was shrunken and stuck in the carpet the whole time! While he may have missed his lesson, he got an incredible foot show from his sexy, unaware, giantess-sized teacher! He was even rubbed into the carpet by her hot, sweaty nylon covered foot- which made him cum all over my the bottom of Miss Katelyn's sole. But in his quest to indulge her massive feet he got stuck to her nylons and ended up trapped in one of her high heels on her way out!


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
6:26 minutes
720x480 WMV
unaware, shrunken student, teacher, black high heels, crushed under black nylons


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  1. William P's Avatar
    William P
    This is my favorite of your movies as I just love you so much in this movie and those stockings on your feet are so incredible that I wish I was the shrunken boy who you are tutoring as he is living the dream. The story starts so beautifully and in a way that I believe that you don't know he is there. The part that gets be everytime is when you first drop your feet on him saying how your feet smell so strongly today. I hope you make more like this one, especially with those furry boots of yours, as you are just so sensual and great at this genre.

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