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Obsessive Cleaner

The floor was such a mess so I got the cleaner and started wiping the floor clean. My obsessiveness really got to me though- I ended up scrubbing a lot more of the floor then I originally intended to clean. I talked about all kinds of cleaning things and I just let my random thoughts and feelings flow freely. But little did I know, there was a shrunken person on the floor the entire time I was cleaning. It had to have been a terrifying experience for him being repeatedly tossed around and pushed under my massive bare feet as I moved back and forth and scrubbed the floor. He ended up getting stepped on numerous times -not to mention just about under all parts of my feet- and he even had a close encounter with my panties and he also totally got rubbed into my butt cheek! This video turned me on tremendously when I was editing it! If you're a fan of unaware feet/panties/ass I'd really take a look at this vid, it's my favorite unaware vid in my library as of today, Dec 2007! The only flaws I found in it was the slight tan line on my foot- you might not of even noticed it if I hadn't said anything about it ;) My toe and finger nails are near perfect... I just got them trimmed and pedicured/manicured and I'm also wearing my new sexy pink outfit! =)


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Product Details:
Producer: Katelyn Brooks
12:52 minutes
720x480 WMV
unaware, shrunken man, bare feet, soles, pussy crush, ass crush, under foot crush, foot fetish, french tips, up skirt, pink panties, voyeur


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  1. Ross's Avatar
    This maybe an old clip but my goodness i still say its one of the best ones ever made, simple but effective! I love the positioning of the camera, it captures your beautiful feet in natural positions which makes it seem like a non set up vid! An Obsessive Cleaner 2 wearing similar stuff would be bought by me straight away! ../../../wp-content/themes/giantess/images/smilies/happy.png
  2. JayToms's Avatar
    I forgot that I had this video and I have to agree with the other reviewers and highly recommend this one for anyone who love close-ups of Katelyn's soles. The positioning is great and there are even shots where you might see more than just soles. Great clip to add to your collection.

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